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The journey to getting married can be extremely overwhelming. It can be so stressful and time consuming. You don’t know if you’re doing things right or wrong and it doesn’t help that family and friends can put you under pressure.. It’s A LOT! 

Have you ever wondered exactly how to it would feel to have the right steps and guidance on planning your wedding and finding the ultimate wedding dress?  You would not be alone! Planning a wedding is so exciting but it’s not always easy… I believe in sharing, empowering and educating women to make better choices. We are all unique but we share so much in common on our journey of marriage. 

I’ve written this checklist to share the knowledge that I have gained with over 11 years’ experience in the bridal industry, and I hope you will find the tips useful. 

Inside  you will find:

The Magic Checklist for When Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Dress

  1. Things to do before you start shopping
  2. Gathering your initial inspiration
  3. Finding your prefect style
  4. Planning for fittings at stores

And so much more.

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